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          法 Joel Halioua/喬爾·哈里奧先生

          時間:2017-05-16 16:41來源:IPA秘書處 作者:管理團隊 點擊:
          Joël Halioua/喬爾·哈里奧先生  法國
          國際攝影協會副主席,生于1956年2月,畢業于法國巴黎第七大學,生物和環境學碩士,80年代初擔任搖滾雜志社的編輯和獨立攝影師。后來成為PHOTO-REPORTER  和IL MAGAZINE雜志雙月刊主編,致力于新聞攝影和時尚生活方式的報道。 2000年擔任法國環境和自然雜志主編。并且與同年創立自己的圖片社,邀請國際知名攝影記者關注自然和環境問題。同時也是法國We Demain雜志社攝影總監,J.H.Editorial Agency雜志主編。 Saint-Brieuc國際攝影藝術節顧問和藝術總監,他與世界各地的專業 和業余攝影師建立廣泛的聯系,擁有全球最好的自然和環境報道團隊,是美 國國家地理雜志,華盛頓郵報,焦點雜志,費加羅雜志,巴黎日報等知名媒 體的合作伙伴和圖片提供商,參與眾多廣告拍攝,例如法國巴黎銀行,標志 汽車,索尼,紀梵希等等,在埃菲爾鐵塔舉辦過大型新聞攝影展。

          Joël Halioua
          Born : 02/13/1956 in Paris XII
          Nationality : French

          I launched J.H. Editorial, my own photo agency in 2000, representing a selected group of internationally acclaimed photojournalists focusing on nature and environmental issues.
          In parallel to this activity, I was hired as editorial consultant and art director for the International Festival Photoreporter in Saint-Brieuc in 2013 and 2014, and joined the French magazine We Demain as Director of Photography in 2015.
          Before that, I have been in charge for more than 13 years of both editorial and visual content of the (then) leading nature magazine in France. Looking for new material all over the world, establishing contacts with amateurs and professionals alike, trying to turn a concept into images on a daily basis, publishing six to seven stories a month and writing articles as well.
          This editorial experience allowed me to translate the visual needs of my clients in magazines, advertising agencies and book publishing companies.
          Also, I created a Masterclass on Photoreportage, a series of training cycles lead by prominent active photoreporters and editors, to share practical experience on every aspect of this discipline. The sessions will open in June 2016 on the campus of the University of Rennes/Saint-Brieuc.
          2000 - current
          C.E.O. and sole owner of Joël Halioua Editorial Agency, currently representing the best reporters on nature and environment.
          - Major publications in news weekly supplements (Figaro magazine, Le Monde 2, Paris-Match, Stern, VSD), picture driven magazines (National Geographic USA, Airone, Focus, Geo, Ikono, View) and numerous coffee table books.
          - Created a series on Biodiversity for the Washington Post online.
          - Numerous advertising campaigns (BNP Paribas, Peugeot, Sony, Suez, Givenchy). 
          - Set up an international exhibition on biodiversity “Vivants/Alive” hosted by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.
          - Major exhibitions on the Eiffel Tower, at the Visa pour l'Image International Festival of Photojournalism, at the Palais-Royal, and at the Montier-en Der and La Gacilly Festivals
          - Major retrospective exhibition of J.H. Editorial Agency at Festival Peuples et Nature.
          - Jury member for Visa pour l'Image International Festival of Photojournalism, BBC Wildlife, Festival Photoreporter
          1987-2000 TERRE SAUVAGE
          Executive Editor and Director of Photography of the (then) leading nature and environment magazine in France, 11 issues a year, monthly print run 160 000 copies.
          - Co-founder of Terre sauvage, launched by Editions Nuit et Jour
          - In charge of editorial and visual content of the magazine
          - Interviews, articles, writers’ supervision
          - Research and purchase of features through international agencies and photographers. Annual budget for photography in excess of 365 000 Euros.
          - Speaker at various conventions of nature photographers (North American Nature Photographers Association, BBC Wildlife Awards, GDT, etc.) and yearly participant at Visa pour l’Image, the International Festival of Photojournalism.
          - Participation at National Geographic Society’s internal seminar in Washington, D.C..
          1985-1986 TF1
          Independent journalist
          - Author and director for ten features broadcast by major public French television channel in “Extérieur Nuit”, a culture and society magazine. Features ranging from society, news, portraits, to investigations in detention centers.
          1983-1984 PHOTO-REPORTER and IL MAGAZINE
          Managing editor for two monthlies (125 000 copies and 80 000 copies) in parallel
          - In charge of visual and editorial content of Photo-Reporter, a monthly essentially devoted to photojournalism, and Il Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle men’s magazine.
          - Interviews, articles, rewriting and general supervision of both monthlies.
          - Contacts with press agencies, photojournalists, art and fashion photographers, and major camera, film and photo gear brands.
          - Portfolio selection, casting of models for fashion production shoots.
          1982 ROCK EN STOCK
          Managing editor, in charge of the editorial and visual content of the monthly rock music magazine
          1980-1982 Independent photojournalist
          Freelance provider of text and photo essays for specialized press and record companies
          Université Paris VII, Master in Biology and Environment.
          Member of Société des Gens de Lettres, Société Civile des Auteurs Multimedia, of the North American Nature Photographers Association, and of Green Cross, founded by Mikhael Gorbachev.